Revolutionising Mental Healthcare


Would you expect a 40 week wait for someone to see to your broken leg?

Of course not. Yet for hundreds of young people in Wales wanting a simple talking therapy, that's exactly the length of wait they're faced with.

For too long, mental health services have been neglected - and it's us that's paying the price. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem every year, it's vital we get this right.

We're calling for the following;

  • a mental health strategy to radically improve treatment and access to mental health services, including tackling waiting times across Wales through a rigorous review of all LHB provision.

  • a national framework to ensure continuity of treatment for young people transitioning from adolescent to adult services, including a streamlined information sharing system between providers.

  • a strategy for the provision of mental health services in local communities, and development of a programme for rolling out mental health support in the workplace, similar to that used to monitor physical health such as blood cholesterol, weight, and blood sugar levels.

  • to ensure provision of extra capacity in mental health intensive care and forensic units to divert people in need of treatment away from prison and to assist those already in prison.

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