Callum James Littlemore


Study/Work: Cardiff University Student

Location: Cardiff

About me: My name is Callum James and I am a second year student at Cardiff University where I study Modern History & Politics. I joined the Liberal Democrats back in April 2010 although I didn't become that active until 2014. I am originally from Sunderland in the North East of England where I helped refound my local party and then worked to pull off two big wins against Labour, Millfield in 2016 and Sandhill in 2017.

For me politics is all about engaging people and developing ideas and these are two things I have made my priority as Chair, to grow the membership and increase the level of activities and engagement we have with members. In my spare time I can often be found in either Cardiff or Aberystwyth on a night out savouring the many fine alcoholic establishments they have to offer or at home binge watching Netflix and eating Pizza.

What I do: I'm the Chair of RhI Cymru and am responsible for the overall running of the organisation. It is my job to set the tone and direction for the Executive for the year ahead s well as working with the Federal Young Liberals to coordinate events across Wales.

Twitter: @rainbowlibdem


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