Vice Chair

Thomas Hughes

key_thomas.jpgStudy/Work: Aberystwyth University Student

Location: Aberystwyth

About me: I’m Tom and I’m currently studying International Politics & Military History at  Aberystwyth University, where I am also the President of the Young Liberals society. I originally come from the Fishguard area in Pembrokeshire and since joining the Liberal Democrats in May 2015 I have been active with the local party, sitting on the executive committee for a short time before coming to university. I campaigned for Bob Kilmister during the 2016 Welsh Assembly Election, making significant progress in recovering from the Coalition years, and have since helped with campaigns in Ceredigion, including ones to get fellow Young Liberals elected to local government.

I became politically active because I was concerned with the direction our country was going, particularly with the rise to divisive nationalism and a deeply unfair society, and want to help improve the lives of not just fellow citizens, but of people around the world. This is why my key areas of interest include foreign affairs, education and devolution. As Co-Vice Chair of RhI Cymru, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of working with some of our amazing young members and see about returning the Welsh Liberal Democrats to the party for students and young people.

Outside of politics, I am a uniformed volunteer with the Sea Cadet Corps and I am preparing to join the Royal Navy after university. In my spare time I like to go running, play video games and see the best of what late-night Aberystwyth has to offer.

What I do: As Co-Vice Chair, I share my responsibilities with my friend and colleague Julius Parker. We assume the responsibilities of the Chair in their absence and sit on conference committees. I am also be responsible for coordinating our presence at party conferences and Co-Chair the RhI Cymru Policy and Conference Committee. In short, I contribute to the behind-the-scenes administrative duties.

Twitter: @TomJHugh


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