Vice Chair

Julius Parker

key_julius.jpgStudy/Work: Aberystwyth University Student

Location: Aberystwyth

About me: My name is Julius Parker and I study History at Aberystwyth University. I became part of  the Liberal Democrats in November 2015, a few short months after the 2015 election, although I did not become properly active in the party until I began university. Alongside my role as Co-Vice Chair of RhI Cymru, I am also the treasurer of Aberystwyth Student and Young Liberals where I coordinate the budget of the society.

What I do: As Co-Vice Chair of RhI Cymru myself and my colleague Thomas Hughes will share the responsibilities of the position. While Tom will be handling the Administrative side of things, my primary function will be managing fundraising and drafting the budget.

Twitter: @JuboCaesar


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